Frank Purschke, Dipl.-Ing.

Frank Purschke graduated with a degree in Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences of Deutsche Bundespost in Berlin. During his studies, he focused on telephone techniques, data transmission and switching technology.

Mr. Purschke has also developed telecommunication devices for Siemens. These include Text and Voice terminals for wired and wireless applications. He was a member of standardization bodies for new telecommunication services. Later on, he worked as an in-house consultant leading product design processes in mobile phones. Following that, he ran the Intellectual Property Right licensing team of mobile and wireless phones focusing on European and US intellectual property rights.

Mr. Purschke completed his training in the area of intellectual property rights in a law firm in 2007. There he worked on a patent portfolio in the area of cellular and wireless mobile communications, dealing with multiple patent offices, especially with the European Patent Office and German Nullity Courts. Mr. Purschke is recognized by the European Patent Office as a practicing European Patent Attorney. He is a member of EPI (European Patent Institute).

His experience includes patent valuation, prosecution and nullity proceedings mainly of European and German patents, as well as licensing proceedings in the field of telecommunication and voice/audio/video technology.

He speaks German and English.